Dear Friends
I hope all of you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.
What can we say we live in a part of the hemisphere where logic no more or actually didn’t exist.
If we go back in history and review the news we find the same headlines, maybe the only difference is that instead of having them black and white, now we have them in color,  meaning that the Technology improved and advanced, but the news and who is in it, is the same, maybe the players changed but the events are the same no advancement.
What a shame and what a waste of time, and unfortunatlely we as citizens keep on doing the same mistake, in not accounting the leaders, no accountability policies.

Here I would like to take this opportunity, to convey my condolences to the families of the Latest Martyrs of the Lebanese Army and surely the institution that they belong to, the Lebanese Army, noting that Cpt. Pierre and Ibrahim, did not fall on the front border with the enemy, yes my friends the same story goes on and on, no culture of advancement as if our Army the Lebanese Army is a foreign occupying Army on our soil, what a shame those Martyrs are our Children our Brothers and thus our Honor .

Is this the way we look forward in presenting a good example for the upcoming generation!

Dear Friends, in my opinion to set a good example to the upcoming generation we need to change the way we think and act, I recall being one of the youth who lived the period of the unrest of Lebanon, we grew up with hope that when the unrest will end, we will have a better life, and guess what,the same story goes on and on, and why because the Leaders are not accountable for their actions, they should should be accounted .
We need to step up and confront this stupidity, it is not acceptable to ruin the future of our upcoming generation due to bad management worst leadership, I can go on and on .
Dear Friends, if we need a better future we need to make some changes, for way of example instead of buying gifts for our children “guns and rifles” we need to buy them “musical instruments”.

From this point of view I have registered a project proposition to our municipal council on the 22/1/13 titled “Opera House” proposing to our council in adapting a resolution for building an Opera House for Beirut, as any other city in the world, and another proposition the same date, proposing to our council to adopt “youth musicians” from the Lebanese Conservatory to create the Philharmonic of Beirut Municipality also as any other city in the world.

Don’t we have the right to have a true culture!

I also proposed to build in the Karantina Area an “indoor sport Stadium” with international standards, so we can host international sporting events instead of hosting international Crisis, didn’t we have enough of Crisis! can’t we have a normal Life !
Yes my friends I hope that my propositions will find its way to the council, so that the appropriate decision will be taken, and that the propositions will be a facts.

Here I would like to thank all those who have helped me and supported me to prepare all the propositions, couldn’t do it without them.

I wish you well and I always need your support.
Please use your imagination and send me more Ideas to make Beirut a better place to live for all of us.

Love you all

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  1. Hello,
    I am wondering what happened to “indoor sport Stadium” with international standards proposition. Thx in advance.

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