TWO GOLD MEDALS FOR LEBANON IN THE ARTS OF OLYMPIAD LONDON 2012 The two Lebanese artists Lena Kelekian and Hagop Sulahian returned to Lebanon after securing two gold medals in the arts through their artworks that were representing Lebanon. Within the context of the cultural activities held during the London 2012 Olympics an international competition was held under the heading of “Creative Cities Collection” Fine Arts Exhibition London 2012 with […]

اطلاق اسم رئيس الشهيد بشير الجميل من الشارع رقم ٣٣ منطقة رقم ١١  لغاية تقاطع  شارع فؤاد شهاب رقم ٤ منطقة ٢٦ و ذلك في جلسة مجلس البلدي لمدينة بيروت المنعقدة في تاريخ ٢/٨/٢٠١٢

The eyes of the nation turn to London as our hero Andrea Paoli begins her campaign in Taekwondo Olympic competition, all our support and encouragement are with you Andrea and your exceptional coach and father Robert whose great efforts where the main contribution in achieving your dream of raising the Lebanese flag high in the sky of London.